Read about the Hybrid Index Annuities


Annuities are insurance contracts that make regular payments to you either immediately or at some point in the future. It is designed to help protect you from the risk of outliving your income. You can purchase an annuity to help grow or protect your retirement savings or to provide you with guaranteed income.

Annuities are flexible so you can choose: IRA, 403b, Roth IRA, Simple IRA.Invest a lump sum or invest over a period of time.Start receiving payments immediately or at some later date. Select a fixed, variable or indexed rate of return.

There are three basic types of annuities.

Fixed annuities

guarantee that you’ll earn a determine rate of return and also offer a guaranteed payout.

Indexed annuities 

don’t involves risk and don’t lose value. The index annuity rate floor ensures that no matter how poorly a stock index performs in a given year, you will not see a negative return. Index annuities have returns tied to a market indices so that if your annuity performs well, your annual return could be higher.

Variable annuities 

allow you to choose your risk level with different investment options. Choose wisely, because you could receive a substantial payout — or lose the money entirely — depending on the investment option you select.

Hybrid Index Annuities

Today, the new Indexed Annuities are often refer as Hybrids. Hybrid Annuities uses alternative index which allows the daily rebalancing to seek the highest returns relative to risk within the Index. This volatility control may provide more predictable returns and enables higher participation rates. Hybrid Annuities have some big potential for market- linked interest without exposure to the market risk. Annuity owners enjoy the guarantees and safety of principal, even while being connected to market growth. The hybrid annuity can be a powerful financial tool that is designed to meet owners’ long- term retirement needs without sacrificing growth.

What should I do?

Annuities are used to supplement other retirement accounts and to replace other investments like a 401 k, and Pensions.  Before deciding on an annuity, you should consider your income needs, risk tolerance and investment objectives. Walk away from the popular Income Rider. We can answer your questions, help you compare  investment options, and give you information about how to own an Annuity. Call us or fill out the request form.tur elit.